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CLYLP/Carnegie Mellon Graduate Scholarship

partnershiplogo.jpgThe Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project and Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College partnership offers graduate degree scholarships to CLYLP alumni who have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree, and who have been admitted and enrolled into one of the Heinz College master’s degree programs.

The partnership awards a tuition-based scholarship to CLYLP alumni and CLYLP Comcast Fellows. Those who are admitted and enroll in a full-time master’s degree programs at Heinz College are eligible for the following scholarship support:

  • CLYLP Alumni CLYLP Alumni from the Sacramento Leadership Conference, Los Angeles Institute, Bay Area Institute or San Joaquin Valley Institute are eligible for a minimum $6,000 tuition scholarship per semester of full-time enrollment
  • CLYLP Comcast Fellows Alumni who also completed the CLYLP Comcast Fellowship are eligible for a minimum 50% tuition scholarship per semester

CLYLP alumni and CLYLP Comcast Fellows will also be considered for additional merit-based aid based on the standard criteria within the application for admission to Heinz College.

Click here to view the CLYLP/Heinz College partnership webpage.


  • Must be a CLYLP alumni (SLC, BAI, SJVI, LAI) to qualify for a $6,000 tuition scholarship per semester.
  • Must be a CLYLP Comcast Fellowship alumni to qualify for a 50% tuition scholarship per semester.
  • Must complete a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in a master’s degree program at Heinz College.


Step 1: Apply to a graduate program within Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University.

Step 2: In the application, indicate that you are a CLYLP alumni or a CLYLP Comcast Fellow.


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Learn more about the CLYLP Carnegie Mellon Graduate School partnership and how to apply through a free webinar.

Thursday, December 11th

12:00 PM - 1:00PM PST
(3PM EST) 

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