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BAI Staff Application

Apply by May 26, 2017


The CLYLP Bay Area Institute prepares high school students to become California's future leaders with the help of a special team of volunteers. Serving as institute Facilitators, Peer Counselors and Support Staff, these exceptional individuals commit to spending three days in San Francisco mentoring and sharing their talents with students, making a significant impact on the students' lives. CLYLP seeks energetic volunteers from various backgrounds and experiences to guide and shape 30 of the Bay Area’s future leaders. CLYLP alumni are especially welcomed to re-connect with the CLYLP familia by volunteering as an institute staff member.

Volunteers must apply to join CLYLP Bay Area Institute (BAI) staff. CLYLP selects highly qualified candidates based on their personal background, mentoring experience, and their desire and willingness to share their knowledge and experience with students. Staff applications are typically available in April or May of each year.


  • The Bay Area Institute will take place from Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25, 2017.
  • All volunteer staff required to complete a mandatory orientation and training session prior to the institute start date. 
  • Persons selected to become BAI staff members will be given further information about their specific roles and duties during the institute.

Volunteers will be housed at the University of California, Berkeley and all institute activities take place in the East Bay.

The main responsibility of conference staff is to supervise and ensure the safety of the BAI high school participants. Staff members are required to participate in all institute activities and must commit to attend for the full three days of the institute. Volunteers will participate in a mandatory training session the week prior to the institute.

The eligibility requirements vary by position. Please read the application instructions for each position available below.

There are three types of staff positions available for adults and CLYLP alumni of all ages.

Facilitators serve as group leaders to five to ten institute participants. As group leader, the Facilitator supervises his/her assigned students and peer counselor for the entire weekend of the institute. The most important role of the Facilitator is to be a positive role model and resource person to all student participants.
**The BAI Facilitator position is open to professional adults from the Bay Area Region.


Peer Counselors
Peer Counselors assist in the supervision of 5-10 institute participants. In assisting the Facilitator, the Peer Counselor monitors the specific location of all assigned students and expedites and helps coordinate travel between institute sessions/activities. The most important role of the peer counselor is to be a positive role model for all student participants.
**The Peer Counselor position is open to alumni  from all CLYLP Programs living in the Bay Area.


Support Staff
Under the general direction of the Institute Coordinator, the Support Staff serves as the support network for conference logistics, deliveries between presentation hall and dorm, store runs, and much more. The most important role of a Support Staff member is to be a positive role model and reliable worker. The position is open to anyone living in the Bay Area. CLYLP Alumni living in the Bay Area are highly encouraged to apply.


The deadline to apply to all BAI staff positions is May 26, 2017.

Applications will be carefully reviewed by the BAI planning committee. BAI Staff will be selected using pre-determined selection criteria approved by the CLYLP Board of Directors. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by late May.


Preparing for the Bay Area Institute requires year-round planning. For more information on other volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteers Page.


For additional information, please contact us at