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CLYLP programs provide an opportunity to young people at a crucial moment in their lives to build their capacity and ambition, as well as alter their life courses.  Using curriculum built upon the values of Community, Culture, College, and Careers, (the Four C’s) CLYLP programs motivate young people to pursue their education and become involved, engaged members of their communities.  Moreover, the CLYLP enhances the leadership skills, academic preparation, self-esteem, and cultural awareness of young people.

Once a student completes a CLYLP program, s/he joins the CLYLP familia of more than 4,200 alumni. CLYLP offers support and unique opportunities open only to CLYLP alumni throughout their academic careers, including, scholarships, internships and fellowships.


Sacramento Leadership Conference
CLYLP’s flagship summer conference is a one-week, life-altering experience in which high school students develop their leadership skills, develop strategies to pursue higher education, improve their self-esteem and cultural awareness while meeting with legislators, networking with business leaders, and developing relationships with other peers. The conference accepts 120 students from across California. Read More.

Regional Institutes
CLYLP offers several regional institutes throughout California to actively engage students in their nearby communities. Modeled after the week long flagship program, the institutes condense the CLYLP curriculum into a three day leadership institute designed to build grassroots youth leadership and civic engagement at a regional level through partnerships with local government, regional colleges and universities and community based organizations.  Students develop their leadership potential and increase their knowledge of regional cultural and political landscapes of their communities.

CLYLP currently offers three regional programs:

San Joaquin Valley Institute
The CLYLP San Joaquin Valley Institute (SJVI) was established in 1999 to inspire and motivate students from the area to become the future leaders of the San Joaquin Valley Chicano/Latino community through public service. Open to 50 students from the San Joaquin Valley, the three-day institute offers an impactful program that connects students with education, business, political and community leaders from the Central Valley and receive encouragement in their pursuit of post-secondary educational opportunities. Read More.

Los Angeles Institute
In 2006, CLYLP established its second regional institute in Los Angeles in response to the overwhelming number of applicants from Los Angeles County to the SLC. Approximately 50 students participate each year, connecting with industry leaders in politics, business, and education over a period of three days. Read More.

Bay Area Institute
CLYLP continues to expand its youth leadership development model across California with the inaugural Bay Area Institute Summer of 2014. Over a period of three days, approximately 30 students will learn about issues affecting the Great Bay Area, develop their leadership abilities, and expand their personal networks. Read More.


More than 4,000 students have participated in CLYLP programs since 1982. Students who complete a CLYLP high school program join a robust network of successful alumni.  CLYLP is committed to continuing the development of our alumni by offering several programs designed to enhance their collegiate learning:

CLYLP Comcast Fellowship Program
The Fellowship Program provides college-level CLYLP alumni a 4-week internship in a state legislative office combined with an intensive training and leadership program developed in partnership with the CSU, Sacramento Center for California Studies, the University of California-Sacramento Center, the University of Southern California, and the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities. Students build upon the training they received at CLYLP high school programs with a hands-on experience in the State Capitol.  Read More.

Alumni Scholarship Programs 
CLYLP Scholarships are available to alumni throughout the various stages of their academic careers.  The Roberto Gracia Memorial Scholarship is offered every year, and other scholarship opportunities may arise throughout the year with new partnerships.

Roberto Gracia Memorial Scholarship  
The Robert Gracia Memorial Scholarship is named after one of the CLYLP’s most dedicated volunteers who was committed to developing the leadership potential of California’s youth. The scholarship is awarded annually to incoming freshman, transfer students and graduate students based on academic strength and financial need. Read More.

Sal Castro Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Chicano educator, activist, and devoted CLYLP volunteer, Sal Castro, CLYLP offers one scholarship to a CLYLP alumnus pursuing a career in education, including teaching, education administration, education programming, or education policy. Read More.

CLYLP Alumni Internship Program
The CLYLP Alumni Internship program offers college-aged CLYLP alumni an opportunity to gain work experience, mentorship, and an outlet to contribute to CLYLP and its mission to developing California’s future leaders. Interns take part in the behind the scene efforts to plan and execute CLYLP’s seven programs across the state while learning skills in event planning, program support fundraising, communications, and public relations. Read More.