Accepting Applications: Comcast Fellowship

April 15, 2013


Dear CLYLP Alumni:

 We are pleased to inform you that the 2013 Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP) Comcast Fellowship Application is now available!  
Through a generous grant from the Comcast Foundation and in partnership with the California Latino Legislative Caucus, the California State University, Sacramento-Center for California Studies, the University of California Center in Sacramento, the University of Southern California, the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, the CLYLP is again sponsoring a four-week fellowship program for seven (7) CLYLP alumni of our Summer Conference, Los Angeles or San Joaquin Valley Programs who have completed at least their first-year of college/university studies. This fellowship opportunity will begin Wednesday, June 26, 2013 and will run through Saturday, July 27, 2013.   The applications deadline is May 3, 2013. 

While in this intensive fellowship program, participants will follow a rigorous curriculum that builds on prior training provided by CLYLP that includes:

  • Placement in a legislative office as an intern in a role allowing for first-hand experience in the state legislative and budget process;
  • An academically designed curriculum focused on the inner workings of California government as well as current and future statewide policy issues;
  • Opportunities for close interaction and discussions with leading state policy makers; 
  • Intensive training around "issues-based organizing" and the factors/strategies influencing policy makers; and 
  • Volunteerism in a leadership capacity during non-work hours through placement with one of the CLYLP summer conference planning committees.

You can find the application requirements in the application itself. I would tell you how great the program is, but I thought it'd be better if you heard from some of the Alums of the Fellowship Program! 


From Alumni of the Comcast Fellowship:

"The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship was a life changing experience and I strongly suggest that you apply because you will gain skills to better understand the California legislature, friends and networks that will last forever, and more than anything, you will be able to expand and support the mission of CLYLP!"
-- Isabel Cortes,
CLYLP Comcast Fellow, Class of 2010

"The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship is the experience everyone is looking for, it's the insight into public policy that every citizen should have, it's an extension of the CLYLP network and family. Another reminder that there are people who are genuinely invested in your future and the leader you strive to become."
-- Amanda Dominguez,
CLYLP Comcast Fellow, Class of 2010 

"The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship Program really challenged me to take myself to the next level of becoming a young professional. It was by far one of the most informative and relevant experiences in my life thus far. Most importantly, it has had a significant impact on my goals as a student and as a citizen of the State of California." -- Nelson Esparza, CLYLP Comcast Fellow, Class of 2009

"The CLYLP Comcast Fellowship Program is the platform that will get you prepared for that next level of your professional, academic, and personal life. As a Comcast Fellow, you will not only have the opportunity to network and work among some of the most influential and inspiriting individuals in California politics, but you will create friendships that will last forever. The fellowship changed my life; it will change yours."
-- Juan Garcia-Machado,
CLYLP Comcast Fellow, Class of 2009 

Norma Dominguez, President ('96 Alumna)
President, Board of Directors

Application Available Online:


Board of Directors
Norma Dominguez
Wells Fargo Bank

President Elect
Fernando Ramirez
Office of Los Angeles County Supervisor
Mark Ridley-Thomas

Vice President of Program Planning
Pablo Rodriguez
Communities for New California
(CNC) and CNC Education Fund

Vice President of Fundraising
Veronica Villalobos Cruz
Association of Independent 
California Colleges and Universities

Student President
Arturo Rodriguez 
Immediate Past President
Max Espinoza
California State Assembly
Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez

Vice President of Alumni Affairs
Gloria Michael Leon 
Ek & Ek

Juan Sanchez
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Carlos Illingworth
Vons, a Safeway Company

Eric Z. Guerra
Office of Assemblymember
Al Maratsuchi 
Veronica Rodriguez
Office of Senate President pro Tem
Senate Majority Caucus

Lennies M. Gutierrez
Comcast Cable

Brian Green
California State Senate

Iris Zuniga
Youth Policy Institute

Jessie Ryan
Campaign for College Opportunity
Olgalilia Ramirez
Office of Assemblymember
Roger Dickinson 
Tomasa Dueñas
Office of Assemblymember
Bill Quirk
Michele Siqueiros
Campaign for College Opportunity
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