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Bridge the Gap Award


Dear CLYLP Familia,

As our successful CLYLP year draws to a close, I have wonderful news to share! The Perlman Foundation, an organization that assists other charitable organizations throughout the U.S. working to improve communities, has selected CLYLP to be one of its 2013 Bridge the Gap Award grantees! Only 18 organizations were selected, and with this grant, The Perlman Foundation commits to invest in CLYLP’s innovative approach toward building the leadership potential of California Latino youth, which, in turn, strengthens our state and our communities.

As a grantee, the Perlman Foundation will MATCH donations made on behalf of CLYLP (up to a total of $20,000) between now and December 15th!

About Bridge the Gap Award and the Perlman Foundation
The Perlman Foundation empowers individuals and organizations by providing direct grants as well intangible services that positively impact beliefs, attitudes, emotions and confidence in lower-income communities. The Bridging the Gap Award is a matching grant that assists smaller sized charitable organizations that exemplify the Perlman Foundation’s mission. This funding opportunity targets organizations that use innovative methods to positively impact individuals living in low-income communities. The grant’s purpose is to help smaller-sized organizations (such as CLYLP!) strengthen their fundraising power by providing a dollar-for-dollar fundraising match.

Fundraising Drive
For every dollar CLYLP raises by December 15th, 2013, the Perlman Foundation will match that dollar amount (capped at $2,000 per household)! How does the match work? If you donate $100, for example, the Foundation will match that donation to CLYLP by $100 as well, making your donation worth $200!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to earn the Perlman Foundation’s maximum match of $20,000, earning CLYLP a total of $40,000!

We are asking our CLYLP familia around the state and around the country to please help us reach the fundraising maximum for the Bridge the Gap campaign, so CLYLP can receive the matching grant from the Foundation. Any amount helps!

How to Donate
The Perlman Foundation created a special webpage for the fundraiser, and donations must be made through This web link in order for the donation to count toward the grant match. To donate to the CLYLP Bridge the Gap fundraiser, please visit

Thank you for your contributions and support for CLYLP’s continued efforts and success in creating California’s future leaders! Thank you to the Perlman Foundation as well for believing in California’s Latino Youth and choosing to partner with CLYLP.

Norma Dominguez