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Alumni Profiles


You will find CLYLP’s more than 3,000 alumni in leadership positions their career industries, communities and schools across the state. For thirty years, CLYLP Alumni have continued to shape California’s government, non-profit and private sectors.



Dr. Patricia PortilloDr. Patricia Portillo
High School Teacher
Sacramento County Day School
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1987
“CLYLP definitely marked a moment in my life, one that gave me clarity and understanding that we are not alone in the struggle for justice and pursuit of our dreams.”


Ana E. CubasAna E. Cubas
Chief of Staff
Office of Los Angeles Council Member Jose Huizar
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1988
“CLYLP helped me understand the Civil Rights and the Chicano Movements, which in the end, are all tied to the politics of race.”



Armando RamosZArmando Ramos
Ramos Consulting Services, Inc.
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1991
“Growing up, I always found myself intrigued with problem solving; an ingredient of engineering. So when I was accepted by U.C. Berkeley’s Engineering program, I took the opportunity.”


Genoveva Meza Talbott, Esq.Genoveva Meza Talbott, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Talbott + Kim LLP
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1987
“It is hard to put into words how much CLYLP transformed me, the way I perceived life around me, and my aspirations to effect change.  Perhaps I would have done all of this without being a part of the CLYLP, but I have a hard time believing that.”


JENNIFER A. MARTINEZJennifer A. Martinez, M.S.W.
Senior Program Manager
Consensus Organizing Center
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1995
“CLYLP helped me develop leadership skills, confidence, and motivation to attend college. I’m proud to be the first in my family to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.”


CLAUDIA SANDOVAL LANDER, J.D.Claudia Sandoval Lander, J.D.
Law Student
Golden Gate University School of Law, 2012
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1998
“The conference’s activities coupled with the successful Latinos I met, turned the idea of college into a reachable, realistic goal. CLYLP taught me that being a Chicana was not a barrier, but a driving force to a successful future.”


Doctoral Student, Biostatistics
University of Southern California
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 1999
“CLYLP was the first time I was in the presence of highly educated and highly successful people that looked like me! The example alone was enough to motivate me to materialize my dream for higher learning.”


Daisy GarciaDaisy Garcia
Community Economic Development Volunteer Senegal, West Africa
Peace Corps
Sacramento Leadership Conference, Class of 2000
“Because of CLYLP, I now have a sense of community and the importance of being involved and inspiring others the way the CLYLP counselors and speakers inspired me.”


Carlos CamarenaCarlos Camarena
Undergraduate Student, Business Administration
California State University, Fresno
San Joaquin Valley Institute, Class of 2006
“CYLP was a stepping stone to expanding my vision of what is truly possible with higher education and community engagement.”