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Mission & Vision


CLYLP is a statewide, community-based organization founded in 1982. Our mission is to enhance and build the leadership potential of California’s Chicano/Latino youth to build communities and create a stronger more prosperous state and nation.  CLYLP programs connect young people with community volunteers, policymakers and professionals to:

  • Motivate leadership and civic engagement by strengthening cultural identity, self-confidence and community connections.
  • Open doors to academic achievement, career growth and leadership opportunities.


By 2025, Latinos will be the largest population group in the state, and by 2040, half of all Californians will be Latino. Developing the next generation of Latino leaders is a critical investment in California’s future.  The CLYLP envisions a future in which California and all of its communities prosper as the result of a new generation of leadership:

  • People of diverse backgrounds are included and represented in every institution and area of society.
  • Latinos enjoy equity and success and contribute as full members of our social, economic, and political life.
  • All youth have the resources, support, and opportunities to achieve personal, educational and professional success.