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Guiding Principles

We believe that youth leadership development and educational opportunity, grounded in a strong sense of culture, gives young people the ability to realize their potential as contributors to the community and society.  Negative statistics, such as high poverty rates and the academic achievement gap, are transformed through providing youth with culturally relevant leadership development at a critical point in their lives. As more Latinos gain leadership positions, the state, in general and Latino communities, in particular, gain strength and prosper. Following are the principles that guide CLYLP in its work:

Youth leadership as a social imperative and a sound investment:

  • Young people are leaders for today and tomorrow.
  • All young people deserve opportunities to reach their full potential as contributors to society.
  • A small investment at a crucial development stage can make a huge difference in a young person's life course.
  • Engaged leaders and communities are essential for building a society that provides opportunities for everyone.

Our approach to youth leadership development:

  • Educational attainment is an important pathway for career and leadership growth.
  • Exposure to successful role models helps build self-confidence and motivation
  • Connection to culture, heritage and community build self-esteem and motivation.
  • The development of young people and their families is interconnected, with each playing an essential role in the growth and transformation of the other.

Our model of community leadership and partnership:

  • A community-led, volunteer-based model can have an ever-expanding impact through involvement of large numbers of people and organizations in diverse regions and sectors. 
  • A community of leaders can provide ongoing support and leadership development opportunities by creating and sustaining a culture of learning and growth.
  • Giving back to communities provides opportunities for empowerment, growth and enrichment for those who give.